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Management Sctructure  

The management structure below, shows the managerial and supervisory interrelationship in EELA.

The Project is organized in one Committee, one Board and four Work Packages (WP).

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the highest decision level body.

The management and administrative activities are the charge of WP1 also called Project Office (PO).

The support activities, distributed in WP2,3,4, are supervised and managed by the Technical Executive Board (TEB). Each Work Package is run by a Work Package Manager (WPM) and is further divided in several tasks, each under the responsibility of a Task Leader (TL).

The Project Coordinator (from Europe) leads the whole project and sits in the PSC, the TEB and the PO. He is assisted by a Deputy Project Coordinator (from Latin America).

The PSC is chaired by the Director General of the coordinating institution of the project (CIEMAT) with a Vice-Chairman representing EGEE. It is composed of eight members from Europe and eight members from Latin America representing the participating institutes of their country and of two network representatives (CLARA and It is the ultimate project authority, with collective responsibility for the project as a whole and for long-term strategic decisions within the project. It guarantees the fullfillment of the EELA commitments towards the European Commission and the partner countries. It takes the final decision concerning new collaborators and new members. It ensures the correct use of resources, the progress of all work. The PSC meets at the beginning of the project and at least once per year.

The Project Coordinator has the overall responsibility for the running of the project: work programme, budget, contact with partners, European Commission and other projects, status reports, contract management, internal and external reviews, deliverables and possible new sources of funding. He is the liaison person between the PSC and the TEB.

The Project Office is composed of the Project Coordinator (Head), its Deputy and of the Administrative Assistant, the Financial Administrator and the Project Secretariat appointed by the Project Coordinator. It is in charge of the financial and administrative parts of the project. It is assisted by the Legal Advisor of the coordinating institution of the project (CIEMAT). It is also responsible for the elaboration of various templates, for minutes, official documents, reports and communications. The PO, in collaboration with WP4 (Dissemination Activities), is in charge of organising the project conferences.

The TEB is chaired by the Technical Coordinator who is nominated by the Project Coordinator and approved by the PSC. The Deputy Technical Coordinator (from the other continent than the one of the Technical Coordinator) is nominated by the Technical Coordinator and approved by the PSC. The Project Coordinator, the Technical Coordinator (and their deputies, as non-voting members) and the Work Package Managers sit on this board. The TEB assumes the responsibility of the technical coordination of the project, taking care of technical coherence, of possible technical conflicts between Work Packages and tasks, internal deliverables reviews and quality control. It appoints all Task Leaders and meets at least three times per year. Other meetings can be called by phone and/or videoconference.

The Technical Coordinator also acts as official liaison between EELA and EGEE for all matters concerning applications.

The Work Package Manager conducts all activities in its Work Package and ensures project schedule, objectives and results of the tasks and availability of deliverables. He supplies the necessary information needed by the TEB for the status reports. At the task level, the Task Leader performs the same activities as the Work Package Manager and reports to her/him.

People in the PSC, TEB and WPs are listed in "Boards and Committees".

The people assigned to the different committees can be seen here

EELA Management Structure:

EELA Management Structure