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Financial and Administrative Documentation  

Periodic Cost Claims

General information and useful links can be found below. Additional information is provided here.

All the required information is necessary and mandatory. For further instructions, please contact the EELA Project Office:

At the end of a project year, every partner is due to send to the European Commission the cost claim corresponding to the period worked for the EELA project. It is of outmost importance to be very accurate when filling up the statement since any deficiency in account or procedure could lead to restrictions concerning approval of the instalments already received or future payments. The two key points are:

 - Filling up he "FORM C"
 - Conducting an AUDIT related to the costs declared in the Form C

It is highly recommended to contact an authorized Audit firm before the deadline for submission of the Periodic Cost Claim. Note that Audits must be provided in ENGLISH.

 - Download the Internal Cost Claim and Financial Guidelines:

 Form C:

 - Download an Auditor Notification:

Auditor Notification Template

 -  Download a Proposed Model for an Audit Certificate:

Audit Certificate Template

 - For more info on Audits, please read the AUDIT CERTIFICATE GUIDANCE NOTES that can be downloaded here: