Last updated: January 23 2007 09:40:53
WP2 Infrastructure  

EELA aims to support a Pilot e-Infrastructure between Europe and Latin America, with a clear emphasis on dissemination activities and integration between LA grid initiatives and European counterparts. Europe has successfully launched a large pan-European e-Infrastructure project, EGEE, while in Latin America there are several projects on-going at national scale. In most cases, the basic technology is evolving from the use of specialized middleware toolkits, like Globus, to setup a Grid-empowered infrastructure towards a more general framework based on web services. However, these initiatives keep essential components like an authentication scheme based on the use of public/private key certificates, and a layered architecture, with applications built on top of middleware and collective services over a basic layer of local computing resources.

For production operation of the Pilot Testbed, a number of additional services must be provided.
These services deal with authentication of grid users and the related authorization necessary to use resources, and will be hosted at additional sites, notably CERN, CSIC, REUNA, LIP and UFF.

Description of work:

  • A2.1 − A Pilot Testbed Operation Management Team will be responsible for analysing local Grid initiatives wanting to reap from the know-how disseminated by the project and will coordinate all the activities of the Pilot Testbed.
  • A2.2 − Two centres will be established in Latin America and Europe to provide support to CA managers, CA users, VO managers and VO users in subjects related with certificates and authentication. Moreover, the project will support and generate Virtual Organizations in specific applications proposed by the consortium.
  • A2.3 − Initially, the three sites which have the best composition of hardware, network and human resources, will be integrated in a Pilot Testbed. Furthermore, new sites amongst partners and other Grid initiatives across LA and SW Europe will be integrated in the Testbed, depending on preexisting network availability and computing resources, locally funded human resources and prospective impact on dissemination activities in the respective country.
  • A2.4 − Network services will be ensured, distinct from the traditional best-effort IP service based on over-provisioned network capacity, and will be introduced to meet the requirements for production-level EELA Pilot Testbed network, based on user and operational needs, assessed in collaboration with CLARA and the relevant LA-NRENs by the Technical Network Liaison Committee (LA-TNLC). This LA-TNLC will need to liaise with the similar body created by the EGEE project. In addition, expert groups will be create in order to study special requirements in LA infrastructure. Special network configurations will be made in order to support dissemination activities.