Last updated: January 23 2007 09:40:54
WP2 Quality Metrics  

  • Support the setup of basic mechanisms for an interoperable e-Infrastructure
    • Certification Authority in operation in LA: existence of a CPS document, acceptance at relevant technical forum
      • At least 1 CA at the end of 1st year
    • Number of certificates issued to e-infrastructure managers, final users, and statistics of access to CRL showing maintenance of the CA
    • Number of pilot installations from a middleware repository, time and effort for these pilot installations.
      • At least 100 installations at the end of the first year
  • Setup of a shared Grid testbed including sites in Latin America and in Europe
    • Number of sites participating in the pilot e-Infrastructure
      • At least 3 sites
    • Resources integrated in the pilot at each site and globally
      • At least 80% of available resources
    • Number of queries issued and solved by the support system
    • Number of VO setup and number of users in each VO
      • At least 4 VO at the end of 1st year
    • Statistics of use of the pilot testbed per VO: number of jobs, duration, amount of resources requested, availability of the resources
    • Proportion of special activities (Demos, Courses, Tutorials, etc) successfully supported by the pilot tesbed
      • 95% of special activities
  • Network support
    • Number of specific requests handled (on bandwidth, network parameters, monitoring, etc.), including SLA if apply.
    • Availability of end-to-end connections for Demos, Tutorials, Courses
    • Requests of advanced network from the e-infrastructure sites: use and solutions provided.
    • Statistics of network use within pilot e-infrastructure sites.

  • M2.2.1 − Latin American CA Operational, M7 - This milestone is attained when the first PKI authentication infrastructure in Latin America is operational.

  • M2.2.2 − EELA VO infrastructure operational, M7 - This milestone is attained when the structure for definitions and operation of Virtual organizations has been deployed in Latin America.

  • M2.3.1 − Pilot testbed operational, M7 - This milestone is attained when CIEMAT, UFRJ and UFF have been integrated in the Pilot Testbed infrastructure.

  • M2.3.2 − Pilot Testbed monitoring and Security policies operational, M12 - This milestone is attained when the monitoring and security policies defined in deliverable D2.3.3 have been effected.

  • M2.4.1 − Network studies completed, M12 - This milestone is attained when the network requirements definition phase is completed.