Last updated: February 05 2008 08:28:09

Milestone No (1)WP No (2)Milestone descriptionDate (3) Status
M1.1WP1Kick-off meetingM01status
M1.2WP1Project management information system establishedM01status
M4.1.1WP4Project Website operationalM02status
M4.2WP4First user knowledge dissemination material and induction course availableM05status
M2.2.1WP2Latin American CA operationalM07status
M2.2.2WP2EELA VO infrastructure operationalM07status
M2.3.1WP2Pilot Testbed operationalM07status
M4.1.2WP4First Project ConferenceM09status
M3.1WP3Successful use of the selected HEP and Biomedical applications and toolsM09status
M1.3WP1Successful submission of first year deliverablesM12status
M2.3.2WP2Pilot Testbed monitoring and security polices operationalM12status
M2.4.1WP2Network studies completedM12status
M4.1.3WP4Second Project ConferenceM15status
M3.2WP3Successful use of the selected e-Education and Climate applications and toolsM15status
M4.1.4WP4Third Project ConferenceM23status
M1.4WP1Successful submission of the second year deliverables - final project auditM24status
1 Milestones numbers in order of delivery dates: M0 - Mn
2 Activity that will produce this Deliverable
3 Month in which the Milestone is expected. Month 0 marking the start of the project, and all dates being relative to this start date.