Last updated: April 23 2014 12:27:04
WP3 Identification and Support of Grid Enhanced Applications  

This Work Package is crucial to the objectives of the proposal. First of all, the impact of the project depends upon an adequate identification of applications really benefiting from the use of a Grid-empowered e-Infrastructure, and of interest for research communities in Europe and Latin America. This Work Package (WP3: Identification and Support of Grid Enhanced Applications) considers, first of all, communities that have already established research links, and where the experience from other initiatives guarantees that the applications can be enhanced thanks to the use of the Grid. In particular tasks 3.1 and 3.2 address Biomedical and High Energy Physics applications, already supported in the EGEE production Grid. The collaboration within these communities however will consider new applications of common interest, but restricted to these areas. These two selected areas cover both high societal interest and advanced research topics, in an adequate balance.

On the other hand the task 3.3 aims to support two additional areas that have been pre-selected because of their expected impact in terms of research collaboration between Latin America and Europe, and also due to the benefit of having access to a Grid infrastructure.

While the first additional area, Education in the Grid Environment, is a joint effort between five institutions, the second one, Climate in the Grid Environment, focusses mainly, but not only, on the study of the “El Niño” phenomenon, a topic of key importance in the area and where the Grid will greatly improve the research possibilities.

For all tasks, three activities will be sequentially performed in order to achieve the main goal of this Work Package. The first activity is the selection of applications, amongst those mentioned above, which will be used in dissemination activities. The second one is the customization of the selected applications in order to take advantage of the Pilot Testbed. The last activity is the evaluation of the impact of these applications in dissemination activity and how they impart to the communities.