Last updated: April 23 2014 12:26:28
WP1 Project administrative and technical management  

The structure of the EELA management has been designed to deal with typical challenges and problems associated with projects putting together different scientific areas. The major issue is to ensure that the management provides the environment to deliver reliable quality services. This will be essential for the effective exploitation of the results throughout the different scientific areas and the overall success of this project. The management structure of the project will comply with the contract signed with the European Commission and the consortium agreement subscribed by the contractors.

Since EELA aims to integrate various Grid Initiatives in different countries, it will require a global central management organisation flexible enough to smoothly integrate with the pre-existing management infrastructures, but demonstrating enough authority to lead, implement and control the overall development and the provision of the planned services.

As objectives we can consider:

  • To ensure the correct progress of the work so that the results of the project adhere to the contract, administer the project resources and monitor project-spending tracking that the overall resources used are consistent with the work performed.
  • To report to the PSC and to EU on the project progress.
  • To maintain the technical focus and technical coherence of the project as a whole and ensure that there is adequate collaboration among the teams working on different WPs.
  • To organise and co-ordinate the production of deliverables, meetings, workshops, etc.
  • To resolve any project internal conflicts or issues, and build evaluation into the project's work.
  • To assure an adequate dissemination of knowledge strategy, in coordination with WP4, and to promote public participation and awareness.
  • To report to the PSC the project progress.

For this purpose, the following activities will be performed under the project administrative and technical management WP:

  • A1.1 − Setup of the Project Management Information System.
  • A1.2 − Organization of kick-off meeting, regular management and technical meetings, review preparation meetings, project reviews/audits, conference calls, knowledge dissemination events, etc.
    The coordination meetings will be organised so as to foster constructive working by project participants, review work-packages and agree on deliverables. Actions to raise public participation and awareness, and coordination with the disseminating actions in WP4 to prepare and develop a plan for using and disseminating knowledge.
  • A1.3 − The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) document will be agreed upon for use of any infrastructure that will be provided through this project. The EELA AUP will be based on similar AUPs used in Europe.
  • A1.4 − Assessment and evaluation of the work of the project implement and perform the appropriate quality control on project deliverables. The project results will be continually measured against the objectives it has set and the work it has committed to perform. Preparation of 6-monthly, yearly and final progress reports with monitoring of the project milestones, ongoing tasks and resource consumption.