Last updated: January 23 2007 09:40:54
WP3 Quality Metrics  

Following the objectives of this work package (Identification of research communities and enhanced applications), the quantitative and qualitative criteria for measuring the quality of WP3 will be:

  • Number of enhanced applications demonstrated in the pilot e-infrastructure or in the GILDA testbed: in BioMed, HEP, e-Education, Climate, for each of the applications in this area:
    • At least 4 year 1 and at least 8 after year 2.
  • Number of new applications considered:
    • At least 1 after first year and at least 2 after the second year.
  • M3.1 − Successful use of the selected HEP and Biomedical applications and tools, M9

  • M3.2 − Successful use of the selected e-Education and Climate applications and tools, M15