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Task 4.1 Dissemination  

Dissemination will play a crucial role in identifying and reaching the relevant user communities, in the areas covered in this proposal, and in providing an accurate project image to the potential users. This image must be simultaneously appealing by highlighting the benefits that can be obtained from joining the EELA/EGEE grid-computing infrastructure. Dissemination will also play a key role in bringing potential users to attend the knowledge dissemination events that in turn will be fundamental in their induction. It is expected that dissemination will provide a general picture of the project.

The dissemination will be the visible face of the project and, for most communities; the first contact with EELA and EGEE will be through the dissemination activities. Therefore the outcome of the project will depend much from the dynamism and perseverance of the dissemination team and also from the quality and effectiveness of the actions to be taken.

In general terms, Dissemination will play a fundamental role in the accomplishment of three key objectives:

  • Raising awareness about the EELA project itself and about the projects that are going to be developed in its framework, including its aims, coverage, membership and range of services; promoting EELA by providing an accurate project image to potential users will ensure its continuity in time.
  • Identifying the relevant user communities, in the areas covered by the EELA Project proposal.
  • Reaching the relevant users communities so to involve them actively in EELA.

It is of main importance to be aware that the dissemination will be the visible face of the project that it is not just about the Grid technology and E-Infrastructure, but also about –and this is extremely important- a huge cooperation dare in terms of the union of two continents (Europe and Latin America), 10 countries (10 different cultural, social and economic realities) and 22 institutions trough a powerful human net.

Given those reasons, it is important to recognize two facts:

  • For most communities the first contact with EELA and EGEE will be through the dissemination tools and activities.
  • For the members of EELA, the dissemination tools that might be developed will be the common scenario of communication and action.

A highly motivated team will conduct the dissemination activities following a three-step procedure that starts by identifying the target users with more potential. These will be the ones that correspond if possible to the most active scientific areas in the EGEE project, thus profiting from the already available materials, experience and infrastructures.

The characteristics of the Latin American scientific communities will have to be taken into account; there might be areas of activity in Europe that may have marginal impact in Latin America and there might be that new applications can be brought into the project with benefits for the European scientists.

Dissemination will play an important role in the identification of new potential applications, in the areas mentioned above, through the contact with the users and through survey activities aimed to identify the potential users and applications.

The second step will define the best possible approach to address the target users considering their characteristics. The communication method, the content of the message, its organization and the transmitter will be considered. This implies a careful consideration of the local social aspects, language, available contact channels and contact persons.

The third step will be to perform the dissemination according with the first two steps. Although the three-steps might be carried out in order of precedence, in some levels there must be – because of the requirements of EELA – some actions of two or the three levels carried out in parallel. Dissemination will be performed recurring to the following dissemination channels and actions, devoted to target the Dissemination key and specific objectives.

  • Disseminate the purposes and benefits of grid computing and of joining or using the EELA grid infrastructure.

  • Define the dissemination methods and message content for reaching each community.

  • Provide dissemination materials adapted to the target audiences and make them available.

  • Inform the scientific communities on how to get involved in the project.

  • Direct potential users so that they may become EELA users

  • Keep the communities informed of new improvements and functionalities.

Expected results are:

  • Relevant user communities will be kept informed about the EELA initiatives as well as about the services offered by both projects (EELA and EGEE) creating opportunities for collaboration.

  • EELA Web Site.

  • New users will be inducted.